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Juvenile AMPS Events

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In the past we have done 5Ks and virtual 5Ks to support the research done on AMPS and the AMPS program at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Juvenile AMPS Events

Juvenile AMPS Events

June 2019 – Annual 5K Fundraiser

Our 7th Annual 5K Walk/Run Fundraiser was on June 8th and we raised right around $6,000 for the AMPS program! It was used for AMPS research done at CHOP, gym equipment for the program, and some small patient needs (e.g. shoes, swimsuits, gloves). Thank you to everyone who participated!

June 2018 – Annual 5K Fundraiser

Our 6th Annual 5K Walk/Run Fundraiser was on June 9th and we raised over $3,000 for the AMPS program!

June 2017 – Annual 5K Fundraiser

Our 5th annual 5K was a huge hit! We raised over $24,600 for the AMPS program at CHOP!

Juvenile AMPS Events

June 2016 – Annual 5K Fundraiser

Our 4th annual 5K was a blast! We raised $10,960 for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia AMPS program!

May 2015 – Annual 5K Fundraiser

Our 3rd annual 5K had over 350 people running or walking and raised $22, 955 for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia AMPS program!

You can see all the photos on Facebook here.

As always, our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated or donated!

Juvenile AMPS Events

June 2014 – Annual 5K Fundraiser

Our annual 5K walk/run raised over $15,000 to benefit the Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). The money is being used to purchase new equipment for the gym. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated or who supported through donations!

Many of the runners were former patients who were unable to walk prior to completing the program at CHOP. It was amazing to see them walk/run over two miles!

You can see the entire photo album from the 2014 5K here. There are over 500 photos

Juvenile AMPS Events

November 2013 – Kids Rock for Kids

A huge thanks to Greg and Kids Rock for Kids who raised over $500 for the foundation! The event was held at the World Live Cafe in Philadelphia and it was great to see so many talented kids who wanted to help!