Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a Health Care Professional. Can I Get More Information and Support to Help My AMPS Patients?

I'm a health care professional. Can I get more information and support to help my AMPS patients?

Yes. The amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome (AMPS) team at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (University of Pennsylvania) welcomes physicians, physical and occupational therapists, mental health professionals, and other qualified  health care providers to contact them at the AMPS center. The team can be reached at

If you have not seen the video, we recommend that you watch it as it may answer many questions. It gives in depth diagnostic and treatment guidelines for AMPS, including detailed PT/OT methods, a discussion on conversion, the psychological and school aspects of amplified pain, and seven patient stories of varying outcomes and forms of amplified pain.

If you are interested in starting an AMPS program at your facility (child or adult) you may be able to visit the AMPS program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia or another AMPS program at one of the many hospitals in the US.

If you are simply looking for a program near you to send your patients to, please see our list of hospitals that offer this program.

Please also feel free to print and distribute the materials you find on this website. The AMPS Guide for Families, in particular, may be helpful to your patients.